Spring Tidings

Springtime can have a way of sneaking up on us unnoticed. If you don’t take some time to look around once in a while and notice the vibrant green garlic poking its way up the frost-bitten soil, you might not even notice it’s spring until summer hits you over the head and things are blooming in full swing.

Here at School Lunch Farm, we certainly notice the minute changes that happen day by day in the plants we start from seed in the greenhouse. It started with the onions, leeks and perennial herbs in the beginning of March and progressed to broccoli, kohlrabi, and the first round of lettuce in the middle of March, to the nightshades (tomatoes, peppers and eggplants) and finally the beets at the end of March. Planting of scallions, celeriac, parsley, flowers, and the second round of lettuce took place in the first half of this month (April). It is always hard to believe that such tiny seeds will grow up to be such big plants, and that the onion seeds that we carefully placed one at a time into each pot of the planting trays may be served with gravy at a Thanksgiving meal later this year.

This year, we are excited to be experimenting with a variety of new medicinal herbs including Arnica which can be made into a salve to help relieve pain, muscle soreness and heal bruises and Wild Bergamot (also called Beebalm) which is an edible flower that attracts beneficial insects such as bees, wasps and butterflies which come to drink the nectar from the flowers. We are also offering your old favorite culinary herbs: Broadleaf Sage, German Thyme and Greek Oregano.

We look forward to sharing the fruit of our labor soon as spring ripens into summer, but please take time to notice all the subtle and not so subtle changes of this springtime season already underway!